Touch Screen Programmable In-Line Conformal Coating System

The S7800 is a touch-screen fully programmable conformal spray coating system that delivers clean, precise and
consistent coatings board to board. This cost-effective system eliminates labour-intensive operation in manual
dipping, brushing or aerosol spray processes.

Some of the key features includes ease of use, with an interactive touch-screen panel, self-purging system and
adjustable nozzle to provide optimum spray of various coating materials.

      Work Area   300 mm x 300 mm    
      Footprint   800 mm x 750 mm x 1400 mm    
      Power Supply   220V, 50-60 Hz    
      Air Supply   80 psi dry, unlubricated air    
      Touch Screen   4.3” TFT    
      Resolution   480 x 272    
      Conveyor Type   Chain    
      Minimum Conveyor Width   50 mm    
      Maximum Conveyor Width   300 mm    
      Board Cleareance Topside   100 mm    
      Communication Protocol   SMEMA    
      Conveyor Speed   1 to 40 fpm    
      Weight Limit   4.5 pounds    
      Material Feed Options   Syringe (10cc, 30cc, 55cc)    
          Cartridge (6-20 oz.)    
          Pressure Tank (1L, 3L, 5L)