Incure EncapTM UV encapsulants are ideal for applications such as Bare Die Encapsulation, Chip-On-Board, Chip-On-Flex Encapsulation, Chip-On-Glass, Flex Circuit Bonding / Attachment, Multi-Chip Modules, Wire Bonding etc. These one part, no-mix products cure in seconds for immediate inspection in high assembly operations. Excellent proctection on flexible and rigid platforms.

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  Advantages of EncapTM - UV Encapsulants     Learn about our Light Curing Systems:    
    Superior Adhesion to PET & Polyimide      C9000 / U8000 UV Light Curing Conveyor Systems  
    Low Stress Under Thermal Cycling     F500 Portable UV Curing Lamp  
    Room Storage      
    Thermal Shock and Moisture Resistant      
  Encap™ Series Core Products  
  Product Product Highlights Substrates Color Viscosity Tensile (psi) Hardness Elongation  
  3522 Low viscosity encapsulant. Clear, hard, sleek and resilient protective coating thickness of 300 to 4,500 microns on components. Very low water absorption. Low Adhesion Clear 20 cps 150 D84 – D94 4%  
  3555 Ultra-low stress, clear electronic component encapsulant. Fast curingwith good light transmission properties. Enhanced moisture and temperture resistance. Does not attack flexible circuit easily. Multi-Substrates (Low Adhesion) Clear 20 cps 4,150 D63 – D73 32%  
  Package Size: 10 ml syringe / 30 ml syringe / 30 ml squeeze bottle / 100 ml squeeze bottle / 250 ml squeeze bottle / 1 kg Bottle / 1 Gallon Pail / 2 Gallon Pail / 5 Gallon Pail