Incure line of High Temperature Repair Putties are used to seal joints and repair defects in cast aluminum, cast iron, steel, and stainless steel. These advanced materials resist temperature to 1260°C. These high temp repair putties are used in the automotive, heat treating, incineration and power generation industries.

  Advantages of Incure High Temperature Putty Application Area Includes:      
    Easy and Safe to Use Afterburners    
    Machinable Blowers, Boilers    
    Resist Temperatures to 1260°C Castings, Furnaces  
    Painted or Powder Coated Heat Exchangers, Incinerators  
    Resurfaces and Repair Defects Manifolds, Molds and Dies
    Gets Stronger with Heat Ovens, Piping, Pumps, Turbines etc.  
    Overview of Product Spectrum  



 Product Description


 Heat Cure

 Temp. Limit





    HTCP-550   For applications to 3/8'' thick. Repairs cast iron and  steel  parts to 2000°F. Water-based paste putty. 
Dark Grey Paste 200/2-4 1,093  
    HTCP-650   Thixotropic paste putty. Used to seal boiler doors and    molten metal systems. Easy to apply and removable.  For  uses to 2300°F. Brownish Grey Paste 200/1 1,260  
    HTCP-750   For applications to 1/2'' thick. Repairs cast aluminum parts to 1400°F. Water-based paste putty.   Light Grey Paste 160/1-2  760  
    HTCP-850   An organic caulk putty. For sealing high temperature flanges, joints to 950°F, 750 psi. This product cures into a  tough, pliable, inert material.  Grey Paste  400/1  510  
    HTCP-950   For vertical surfaces and applications to 1/2'' thick. Repairs cast iron, steel and stainless parts to 2000°F. Water-based paste putty.  Grey Paste 200/3 1,093  
   Package Size: Pint  / Quart / Gallon (HTCP-850 is only available in 11oz tube)