Incure Thermal Greases are ceramic and metal-filled silicone systems which offers exceptional thermal and electrical properties to 550°F. These thermally conductive grease offers good thermal conductivity and are used in aluminum heat sinks, ballast resistors, heat pipes, high-power electronic devices and other heat exchange systems.

  Advantages of Incure Thermally Conductive Epoxy

Good Thermal Conductivity
  Ceramic and Metal-Filled Silicone Systems
  Exceptional Thermal and Electrical Properties to 550°F

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  Core Products  
  Product   Filler Color Chemical Resistance Thermal Specific Dielectric Volume Temperature  
    Conductivity Gravity Strength Resistivity Limit  
    W/m-°K gms/cc volts/mil Ohms-cm °F  
  TCG-10   Alumina White Excellent 0.475 2.42 300 1014 -60 to 550  
  TCG-20   Aluminum Nitride Grey Excellent 2.23 2.27 300 1014 -60 to 550  
  TCG-30   Aluminum Aluminum Excellent 3.04 1.35 40 104 -60 to 550  
  TCG-40   Copper Copper Excellent 4.68 1.33 4 103 -60 to 550  
  Package Size: Pint / Quart / Gallon