Incure Epo-WeldTM Ultra High Temperature Epoxy Adhesives are specially designed for bonding and potting applications to 350°C (662ºF).
These high-temp epoxy adhesives can be applied to a wide range of substrates, offering exceptional chemical, electrical and mechanical properties.

  Advantages of Epo-WeldTM  - Ultra High Temperature Epoxy

Chemical Resistant
  High Bond Strength
  Ideal for Autoclave & Cryogenics
  Exceptional Electrical & Mechanical Properties

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  Epo-Weld™ Series Core Products  
  Product   Product Highlights Color Dielectric Viscosity Hardness Vol. Resistivity Chemical  
    Strength (cps) Shore (ohms-cm) Resistance  


● Two-part epoxy
● High Temp up to 300℃
● Multi-substrates
● Bonding and Potting
● Meets NASA outgassing


 Amber  450 volts/mil 6,000 – 10,000  D85 - D95 4.0 x 1014 Good  
  UHTE-5322   Two Part Epoxy, 100:12 Ratio. Aluminum-Filled, Ultra High-Temp, Low Shrinkage and High Thermal Conductivity.  Grey  50 volts/mil 8,000 - 14,000  D87  1.0 x 105 Good  
  UHTE-5321   Single-Part Contact Adhesive, Excellent Flexibility.  Black  300 volts/mil 25,000 - 45,000  N.D.  1.0 x 1013 Excellent  
  Package Size: 473.18 ml Pint / 946.35 ml Quart / 1 Gallon