Incure Ultra High Bond Epoxy Adhesives are suitable for bonding a wide range of substrates. These high-bond epoxy adhesives exhibit exceptional bond strength, high lap shear and peel strength.

  Advantages of Incure High Bond Epoxy

  High Lap Shear
  High Peel Strength
  Two Component

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  Core Products  
  Product   Product Highlights Color Ratio Hardness Viscosity Tensile Flexural  
    Mixed Strength Strength  
  UHB-100   Two Component Epoxy, Milky Clear, Low Viscosity, Exceptional Bond Strength Epoxy Compound Milky Clear 100:10 D85 5,000 cps 4,560 psi 13,500 psi  
  UHB-200   Two Component Epoxy, Ceramic Filled, High Lap Shear and Peel Strength, Autoclavable Black 1:1 D78 45,000 cps 4,770 psi 12,000 psi  
  Package Size: Pint / Quart / Gallon