UV/Visible Light Curing Adhesives, Coatings, Inks 
Sealants, Light Curing Systems

INCURE INC. is a leading manufacturer of advanced UV adhesives, coatings, inks, gaskets, form-in-place/cure-in-place gasket (FIPG/CIPG), masking, media dry blast masks, sealants and UV/LED light curing systems. We offer customers bonding solutions for manufacturing environments, including MRO, automotive, medical, electronic, glass, optical, jewelry and many other industries worldwide.

UV Curable Silicone Conformal Coatings

Incure range of Ultra-Fast Setting UV Curable Silicone Conformal Coatings are designed for high volume production where applications require fast setting. Depending on application, typical full cure can be achieved within 24hours after UV cure. The secondary moisture cure feature enables full curing in shadowed areas. These fast settting uv cure silicone conformal coatings are available in various viscosity for both manual and automatic dispensing equipment. Formulated with fluorescing properties to allow for quick visual inspection of coating coverage, it is ideal for both in-line visual inspection and outgoing QA sampling checks.

        Use UV Curing Systems from INCURE for curing of uv glass adhesives and coatings.



       High Intensity UV Flood Curing System F200P  Portable UV Curing System F500


Pyra-SilTM Ngraf 
Anti-Graffiti Protective Coating


LitemaskTM 4915
Temporary Masking Resin


Excellent surface protection for highly polished components during aggressive surface finishing processes such as grit blasting, shot peening, plating, and polishing.