The F500 is a portable UV curing lamp that can handle a variety of UV curing applications due to its versatility. With an effective curing area of  5" x 3", it is ideal for batch or conveyor mounted curing of small parts. Weighing-in at a mere 6 pounds, the system is also perfect for applications where frequent transportation is involved. The unit features a lightweight removable head, which serves as a self-contained handheld curing lamp during operation. The bottom half of the unit is an accessories carrying case for the headrest, UV glasses, power cord and adhesives, and is not required during operation. The arc lamp is powered by the state of the art UV Power-Plus Lamp Driver. Simple yet high-tech design, the F500 is extremely user-friendly and reliable, requiring virtually no learning curve or setup time.

     Features of F500TM  - Portable UV Lamp

Removable Head Lamp
     Lamp Power Regulation
     Standby Mode
     Forced Air Cooling

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F500 Flood Lamp
  Configuration Specifications
  Type of Lamp ARC Focused

  Peak Intensity,

  Distance from Lamp Base,






UVA:535, UVV:480

UVA:500, UVV:450

UVA:465, UVV:420

UVA:435, UVV:390

  Intensity Adjustment


  Optional Wavelengths

254, 365
  Working Distance 1"
  Expected Bulb Life >1000 hrs
  Intensity Decay Over Life  45%

  Curing Area


 5" x 3"



  Curing Box with Interlock

  Safety Feature(optional)


  Curing Box Adjustable Heights  1.75", 3.5", 5.25", 7.0", 9.0"
  Temperature Management    Forced Air with Louvers
  Power Input






  External Control Port None


  Light Source Dimension

  Power Supply Dimension

  Curing Box Dimension


 8"x 5"x 6"

Integrated Light Source

54"x 14"x 12" 

   Ordering Part Number


 F500-1A (with UVA Bulb)F500-1C (with UVC Bulb)


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